“Ideas come from everything.” – Alfred Hitchcock

March is International Ideas Month, a month dedicated to encouraging us to make the most of our ideas by challenging us to do something with them. Ideas are important because sometimes the smallest of ideas can lead to great advancements, things that improve our health, keep us entertained and connected, all started as ideas. We all have ideas but they often end up being forgotten about because we can’t foresee the long-term possibilities.

So how often do you come up with creative ideas for your business? Not that often? It’s not surprising, with long to do lists and the fear of wasting time, our creativity can often be pushed aside. To help you become more creative this month, we’ve looked at 10 ways for you to be more innovative at work:

1. Feed your creativity
Feed your mind with creativity, rather than scrolling through your usual Facebook feed when you’re bored. Instead fuel your imagination by listening to your favourite song or podcast, reading a blog or invest in an online course. Not only will this inspire your creativity throughout the day, it might also have an impact on your attitude.

2. Get visual
Visualising data and ideas is a great way to get you and your team thinking, make sure your office is equipped with a whiteboard or notepads.

3. Don’t restrict yourself
Next time you and your team are brainstorming, ban words and phrases like ‘but’, ‘how’ and ‘we can’t’ to create a nothing is impossible attitude. Think about the goal of your session first, then work backwards to figure out how to achieve it.

4. No matter how big or small, write it down
You never know what might come from an initial idea. Keep a notebook handy at all times and make sure you get your ideas down on paper.

5. Take mental breaks
Tired, burnt-out brains struggle to be productive. So whether it’s a coffee break or just a quick browse through the news on your phone, taking mental breaks will help boost your creative side.

6. Get physical
Almost all office jobs involve a lot of time sat at a desk, staring at the same screen for hours. Give your brain a refresh, with a break away from the desk, then afterwards you can attack the idea with a fresh mind. Engaging in physical activity can help unlock your creative mind, so get outside and go for a walk, run, bike ride or whatever else you fancy.

7. Ask other people
Try asking your customers about what problems and issues they have with your services, where could you improve? They will have different viewpoints to you and will be able to see problems, gaps and opportunities that you can’t.

8. Look for inspiration
Look outside of your business for inspiration, what are your competitors doing, could you offer similar services? Why not try looking even broader, at different industries or different countries, what are businesses in these areas doing and would their ideas fit with your business.

9. Surround yourself with inspiration
Whether you have your own office, or just a desk space, fill it with things that inspire you. From a recent advert that caught your eye, to an email that made you laugh make sure to display it in your space.

10. Don’t be afraid of failure
The innovators motto is ‘I succeed or I learn, but I never fail’, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Treat each failure as a learning opportunity.

Remember, nurturing your creative self will allow you to unlock your strategic mind and enhance your business skills in meaningful ways that can benefit your entire organisation.

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