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Did you know that 17th of February is officially Random Acts of Kindness Day? The idea behind the day is to make the world a better place by spreading small acts of kindness, such as making someone a cup of tea, paying them a compliment or buying them lunch.

Although this might just seem like another ‘marketing gimmick’, research has actually shown that the act of doing something for someone else, gives us a chemical high, which makes us feel much happier.

To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day and help you get your happiness fix, we’ve put together a list of little things you could do to make your customers and colleagues day a little bit better:

Give your home-movers a welcome gift

Expressing your gratitude to your clients with a new home gift is a traditional way that many agents like to finish up their transactions. Gifts serve as a nice gesture to celebrate a happy occasion, as well as leaving a lasting impression on the recipient, which could result in their loyalty if they move again, as well as referrals.

Gift ideas:

  • Welcome Hampers, filled with tea, coffee, biscuits, sweets and other household goods
  • Personalised ‘Welcome Home’ signs
  • Bottles of champagne or wine
  • Personalised Keyrings


Celebrate with congratulations cards

If you don’t have the time to organise a gift, branded greetings cards are a great way to strengthen relationships with your customers, build brand loyalty and encourage referrals. Ravensworth offer a range of designs which can be adapted to suit your brand.

Give back to the local community

Last Christmas one of our agents Thomas Morris donated 30 Christmas stockings to Jimmy’s in Cambridge, an amazing organisation which has been providing help for the homeless for over 20 years. These stockings included our Alto thermal mugs as well as some socks, gloves, hats, toiletries and food.

There are many ways to give back to your local community, throughout the year, including raising money for local charities or volunteering, so why not give it a go?

Bring in a treat for the office

Cakes, doughnuts, biscuits, breakfast sandwiches and the healthier fruit hamper always go down a treat in the office and having a break is proven to boost our productivity.

Save your customers money with MoveIT

MoveIT is a convenient quoting and comparison tool which provides your home-movers with access to a selection of local home-moving services, including conveyancing, financial services and now utility switching through uSwitch – saving them time and money whilst boosting your bottom-line profits. You can find out more about MoveIT here.

So why not spread some kindness throughout your office and make your customers week!