“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford

April is National Inventors Month, a month-long event which celebrates invention and creativity, started back in 1998 by the United Inventors Association of the USA, the Academy of Applied Science and Inventors Digest magazine. The month helps promote the positive image of inventors and the contributions they give to the world.

To celebrate Inventors Month, think about the inventions you couldn’t live without, whether that’s your phone, car or even the office essential trusty kettle, how do these inventions impact your everyday life? For agents, one of the things you can’t, or shouldn’t, live without, is your Property Software. Property software has changed the way many agents operate their businesses. Just twenty years ago it comprised of managing excel spread sheets, hardware and paper work, today it’s all in the cloud, covering everything from marketing to accounts.

So how did that change happen? How did we go from excel spreadsheets, to desktop software and now to the power of cloud? Well we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the advancement in technology through new inventions. Inventions like:

  • In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web, Internet protocol (http) and language used within the World Wide Web (HTML)
  • By 1990, email starts to become more popular.
  • In 1995 the Java computer language was created.
  • In 1998 Google transforms the way we search for information

These inventions led to the creation of both desktop and now cloud property software, which has transformed the way agents work. It doesn’t stop there though, technology has advanced so much and it continues to surprise us, this is what we can look forward to in 2017:

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and smart home tech
With big players like Google, Amazon and Apple getting involved, we can expect to see some major advancements in home tech over the next year.

AR and VR
There’s been some major advancements in augmented reality and virtual reality recently, with new VR and AR games and apps, such as Pokemon Go. This technology is expected to really take off this year.

Physical-digital integrations
With mobile devices adding more technology into our daily lives, we now have access to practically infinite information, at all times, in the real-world. Over the past few years we’ve seen the introduction of site-to-store purchasing, which allows customers to buy online and collect in store. This year we will see more online brands, like Amazon, launching physical products and physical brands like Tesco having more digital features.

Everything on-demand
People are now used to having everything on demand, from TV to delivery services. This demand is going to continue to grow, with more apps available to help us get rides, food deliveries and places to stay.

With advancements in technology, comes changes in consumer behaviour and agents adapting to meet new consumer needs. We understand how important it is for agents to keep up with technology and consumer demands, so we are constantly innovating to make sure we provide you with the best in property software to allow you to grow your business and provide the best customer service.