Do you have an app or piece of software that you continuously use, more than any others? Have you ever wondered why you prefer it?

It’s likely to be due to small, but significant, parts of the user experience. Whether it’s a fun twist in the way you are able to interact with a function, or the colour palette and design, there are some powerful psychological factors at work that drive our attachment to a software product or application.

When it comes to using software to improve the effectiveness of your workforce, these differences can be incredibly useful and aid in delivering better results across your business.

Increase motivation with attractive design

“Usability answers the question, “Can the user accomplish their goal?” – Joyce Lee, Human Factors Design at Apple

A product needs to help you solve a problem, but when there is more than one solution in the market, the way it looks and how easy it is to use become differentiating factors. We’re more likely to use a product that’s attractive and removes friction in the journey it takes users on to achieve their goal.

Your employees want a product that simplifies their everyday tasks, whilst making them more enjoyable to perform. If the software they use does that, they’re more likely to use it to a greater extent and feel more satisfied doing so.


Alto property software dashboard showing a simple user experience
A simple, attractive, dashboard.

Engage users with challenges

Get your employees engaged and increase productivity, by gamifying the completion of work.

Instead of using traditional process driven software, chose a solution that sets challenges for users. An example of how Alto does this can be seen in how it manages Progressions, a completion bar shows the percentage of the sale that is complete. This acts as positive reinforcement for your Negotiators, but also spurs them on to reach that 100% completion point. Allowing users to feel a sense of achievement in completing tasks creates greater engagement, getting them to do more work, faster.


Alto software gamifying the completion of work
Gamifying the completion of work


Make your data visual

Much has been said about the overwhelming access to data we have in today’s tech focused world. The important thing you need your software to be able to do is identify what is useful and display it in a way that can inform the actions taken by your employees. Visualising data in colourful charts allows them to register and understand information quickly.

It can also drive improvements to performance, as visually displayed metrics plays on our obsession to achieve more, in relation to others and our personal best. By quickly assessing performance, we’re more likely to take actions to improve it by pushing ourselves to meet our targets.


Alto software data graphs improve user experience
Visualising data in graphs


Does your software use these user experience techniques? If not, you could be missing out on getting the best possible performance from your team and rewarding those who are doing well. Alto uses the latest user experience techniques to encourage adoption and usage, improving efficiency.

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