The final countdown for the kick-off of the Euros has begun.

As Europe’s football fans descend to France for the Euros 2016, the Alto team decided to take a look at the properties that represent each competing country.

Not only do we build and develop the best in cloud-based estate agency software, we also market stunning properties to some of the best property portals, including Zoopla, and in doing so have an undeniable love of drooling over some incredible properties.

In just a few days, goals will be scored on the pitch, but let’s take a look at the property goals already scored off the pitch, with the help of Zoopla (simply follow the links on each country to gaze at some rather spectacular properties).

As the hosting nation, it’s only right that we should take our first stop in France, and the stunning French town of Alpes-Maritimes. With its engrained culture of sophistication and classic-chic, will the French football team prove to be equally as stunning on the pitch as this fabulous property off the pitch?

Hidden in Southern Romania, in the town of Vălenii De Munte, lays this eye-catching traditional Romanian home. They may be up-against France in the opener of the Euros 2016, but how many goals will we COUNT throughout Romania’s Euro campaign?

Sun, views and snow – what could be more picturesque than this eye-catching Switzerland property, based in Nendaz? Perhaps the Switzerland football team proving their skills in the 2016 Euros…watch this space!

The Welsh valleys have proven to be an idyllic location to many, as well as this impressive property based in Pontyclun. Delivering incredible talent, together with fantastic properties, and the proudest of nationalities, will the Euros be painted red with the Welsh Dragon? Gareth Bale and Co. there’s a lot of hope riding on your shoulders.

This truly picturesque Slovakian home can be found in Preovsk Kraj, among a host of very impressive castles and chateaux. Finishing 2nd in qualifying, could the Slovakian football team impress at the Euros?

Deep in the English countryside lays this very stunning, traditional, English country home. Quiet and serene, and hopefully for us English fans the exact opposite to England’s Euro campaign. This home may be a home goal, but let’s hope we won’t be seeing any own goals on the pitch.

While Turkey hosts a rather impressive football team, they’re actually more skilled in the art of oil wrestling (being Turkey’s number one sport). Let’s hope the Euros has a little less oil and a little more impressive goals, just as impressive as this Turkish home in Aegean.

With stunning scenery and enviable weather, there’s little not to love within Croatia, and that includes this mesmerising property in Istria. There’s no denying that Croatia is a top destination for tourists, but will the Croatian team reach the top of the Euros?

They may be the centre of Europe, but will Poland’s football team prove to be the centre of the Euros? With its impressive portfolio of properties, just like this eye-catching home based in Dolnoslaskie, Poland football team has every possibility they can prove just as impressive on the pitch.

Northern Ireland:
Northern Ireland may be the underdogs, but in today’s world of football…when did that ever stop teams from wanting to get the win. After all, it happened to Leicester City, so why can’t Northern Ireland amaze the world of football? That’s exactly the inspiration behind the Northern Ireland team. But if all else fails, we can still admire their stunning properties and sceneries…just like this one.

A Huf Haus may be all the rage in Germany, but we decided to opt for the traditional German home, and what a home it is too! Germany are certainly as impressive off the pitch as they are on the pitch, but do you think they can go all the way in the Euros?

From boasting the boxing force of the Klitschko brothers to boasting a rather impressive football team, Ukraine could be the dark-horses of the Euros. After falling in love with every Ukraine property on Zoopla, we decided to opt for this one-bed apartment in Central Kyiv…just look at the building!

Us Brits may flock to Spain in our thousands for our annual summer holiday, so it’s unsurprising that we have an undeniable love of their property. Sun, sea and swimming pools, what’s not to love? It seems the Spanish also have all the luck, because their football team are no other than the runners-up in the 2013 World Cup in Brazil.

Czech Republic:
Just stop for a second and admire its beauty…can you imagine sitting in the sunshine in the grounds of this property with a cold beer? Well that’s pretty much what the locals do as the number one beer drinking country of the world. Perhaps it’s time for Czech Republic to now become the number one football team of Europe?

Republic of Ireland:
Just from one look at this property, you can quickly see why Ireland is known as the Emerald country. Just look at that view! The question, could the luck of the Irish be on Ireland’s side and scoop the title in the Euros?

Sweden: the country of beauty. And with this property, we think we’ve more than delivered with this glorious property. After spending a little longer than necessary gazing at this property, we hope Sweden’s football skills are just as beautiful.

We promised ourselves that when exploring Belgium’s properties, we won’t revert to thinking about chocolate. So here goes…this indulgent property is located in the rich culture of Belgium. We’re sure Belgium’s football team are just as smooth on the pitch as this property off the pitch…CHOCOLATE! (Whoops).

There really is no country like it, and there’s no property like this stunner located in Loro Ciuffenna. Full to the brim with culture and history, together with the Mediterranean on its door-step, there really is nothing Italy doesn’t have. A superb football team? Yes, add that to the list too.

We can honestly say we have never seen a property like this. So much so, we’re booking our tickets to Austria right now just to find it. If the Austrian football team look half as impressive at the Euros, there’ll be no stopping them.

Budapest, the must-visit capital of Hungary, and with properties like this, it’s not difficult to see why. Home of the Rubik’s cube, we hope Hungary’s football team don’t get into a puzzle at the Euros – we have high hopes for Hungary!

As a popular tourist resort, the Algarve is home to plenty of sun, picturesque beaches and many beautiful properties, just like this one. But away from the wonders of Portugal’s properties and into the wonders of Portugal’s football team, with a commendable record to date, could 2016 be Portugal’s year in the Euros?

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that there are three countries missing, Albania, Russia and Iceland. Instead we have done our research and can assure you that their properties are certainly worthwhile of qualifying for Alto’s Property Euros (we just don’t have any properties for sale at the time of going to press, but we are watching this space).

Have we got you in the mood for the Euros? Fantastic – so who’s your predicted winner? Share your predictions with the Alto team on Twitter today @Alto #AltoPropertyEuros.