Yay its St Patricks Day! The day when everyone is sporting their best green attire, decorating their desks with shamrocks and potentially heading off to the local pub for a drink (or two) straight after work.

In celebration of this wonderful holiday we’ve created a St Paddy’s themed puzzle for you, why not try your luck and see if you can spot all of the words:

lucky you (1)


Pot of Gold – By using Alto’s unbeatable processes, you’ll soon discover that pot of gold.

Irish – Expert property marketing that’s so brilliant, you’ll want to do an Irish Jig.

Clover – Who needs a four-leaf clover when you have Alto’s exchange integration by your side.

Luck – Good luck really is possible with Alto!

Green – It might not be easy being green but it’s certainly easy to use Alto’s software with support from our incredible training team.

Happy Hour – You will always be happy with Alto’s second-to-non customer service.

Rainbow – Follow the rainbow up to the clouds and discover Alto. The cloud-based software that allows you to work anywhere, anytime!

Spot all 7 words and tweet us with #LuckyWithAlto at @Altosoftware and you could win a pair of cinema tickets on us!

We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating and if you would like to find out more about Alto Software then please call us on 08000 75 87 49 or email [email protected]