Remember when you were a child and you were inspired by stories of knights, supermen (and women) and courageous people who did wonderful things and changed the world around them? Do you remember being inspired by their courage and hoping you could grow up to be just like them?
But have you…?

What does it mean to be a hero?

In reality being a hero is actually pretty simple, it really comes down to someone doing good for someone else. You can achieve great things just by taking an extra 10 minutes to listen to a client’s complaint or trying to give the very best service to a customer by recommending a great conveyancer that you trust.

So it’s simple really, follow our hero tips and even you could Be a Property Hero:

Offer the best in customer service.

Make sure you respond to customer’s enquiries and messages quickly and try to go that extra mile when you need to. Take advantage of the easy-to-use diary in your Alto system and make sure to stay on top of your appointments so you know exactly when a customer needs to be contacted – there’s nothing worse than forgetting about an appointment and letting a potential opportunity slip through your hands.

Be Focussed

Are you focussed on providing the best in service and utilising the best tools available to do this?

Make sure you are fully prepared with marketing materials to hand out to customers, that way they are reminded of you, or a property, later on and can easily get back in contact with you if they need to.

Is you website responsive? Could it do with a refresh? Making your website responsive and user-friendly is really important for attracting new customers. If a potential customer can’t access the information they need, they might decide to look elsewhere.

Decide what’s important for your business and make sure you are focusing on those areas – it will not only help you improve you overall service but it could also help you drive sales. We have a fantastic range of integration partners to help you with everything from property marketing to web design so get cracking and start pushing your brand today. Get in contact with our ‘Super’ team for integration advice.

Be approachable

It’s likely that you have a beautiful website with all of you contact details listed, but when was the last time you actually checked to see how approachable you really are? What if your website enquiries are going straight into spam or maybe the email address you’ve listed is an old one and needs updating? It’s worthwhile keeping a regular check on these things and remember, if you’re not on social media it might be worth setting up a twitter or Facebook account to allow for another point of contact. Follow us and say hi @AltoSoftware

Be Powerful

Be Powerful and soar above your competitors with Alto, make sure your taking full advantage of what your software has to offer. Are you completely new to Alto or is there a new feature you’ve been meaning to tackle? Why not book a training session with us and ensure you’re making the most from your investment.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be unstoppable. Be a Hero: Be Alto!
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