We surveyed our customers to get feedback on which features they wanted us to add to Alto. We used their input to prioritise building some updates to make our users lives easier.

Here’s a run down of the output of the key releases:

Never forget your next meeting with Diary Export

diary export to phone

You can now export your Alto calendar to your phone, iPad or tablet to show it within your chosen calendar. That could be Outlook, Google or another alternative.

You’re able to see the details of your viewings and appointments in your calendar, including the lead landlord, viewer or tenant’s main phone number and link to their record in Alto.

When you make updates to your Alto diary they will become visible in your personal calendar. You can adjust what shows using the settings in your calendar application.


Resend your emails from the timeline

resend email from timeline

View the history of your communications with a customer using the timeline. When you send an email from Alto it is recorded as an entry on the timeline. You can now open up each email from the timeline to see the full content of the email, along with any attachments.

The entries will now also show the recipient’s GPDR preferences along with a new button to “Resend” the email, so you know you’re only contacting contacts that have agreed to receive them.

When you resend an email a new timeline entry is created, and it will still include any attachments that were included on the original email.


Consolidate your landlord statements


Make tracking your landlord accounts easier. Until now multiple receipts or credits that were allocated to one charge would show individually on the itemised statement.

The landlord statement document now shows all receipts and credits for the same charge in one item.

Plus your statements will now sort income and expenditure in alphabetical order, based on the property street name. It’ll break it down further by alphanumeric order, using the property name or number and then the dwelling field.

This feature is only available for Property Management customers. If you want to find out more about Property Management in Alto get in touch.