We’ve been busy adding features to Alto to save you more time on everyday tasks and access customer insights quicker. The newest additions will give you smart answers fast, show how your contacts are interacting with emails, plus help you pay suppliers quicker.

Get actionable insights from your emails


email tracking


You can now view the status of every email you send from Alto in real time using the new email tracking feature. See how customers engage with your emails by checking the delivery status and open rates.

Easily identify failed email sends in your timeline, including the reason for failure, so you can ensure your contact data is correct.


Save time and pay suppliers in bulk


Supplier payments


Update supplier payments in bulk on your dashboard and make multiple payments from a single screen. Plus, you can see a summary of payments made to landlords and run reports easily.

Landlord receipts now show as a payment group, making it easier for you to keep track.


Get answers instantly with Ask Alto


Ask Alto


Save time by using “Ask Alto” to resolve any questions you have about our software. Use the new chat function to get quick answers and links to useful articles. Search keywords, phrases and questions to get the help you need instantly

Help our chatbot to help you, the more you ask, the more it learns!


Save time with Step Through records




Work more efficiently with Alto’s new step through records feature. You can save groups, such as contacts or properties, and click through each record easily, without having to go back to your list view each time.

To get full details on the most recent releases go to the Knowledge Centre. If you’re not yet using Alto get in touch.