We know how important your data is to your agency, which is why it needs to be kept safe and secure.

The software you choose needs to be carefully considered and researched to ensure you know how secure your data will be. If you’re using desktop software, you will need to ensure your data is backed up, protecting you against malware attacks as well as theft, loss and accidents. Our cloud software is automatically backed up in multiple locations, ensuring your data is kept safe and secure.

How to protect your system:

1) Use a secure password – Make sure you use a unique and secure password, such as a combination of letters, numbers and capitals,  for your company’s cloud-based software.

2) Do your research before selecting your SaaS provider – Get a full understanding of the company’s security patches, back-up plans and regular maintenance schedule.

3) Keep up with who has access to your software, and have a plan in place for when employees leave.

4) Remember that your data is also your customers’ data, so only put the information into your software that you need.

5) Implement all standard internet security measures, including running antivirus software

6) Educate your team with expert training in best techniques, as well as security best practices.