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  • The secret to sending successful emails

    There’s no doubt that email marketing has become a key part of any estate agent’s property marketing strategy.

    Today’s software solutions enable agents to send relevant properties to registered applicants at the click of a button – and in some cases, without even needing to do that.

    It’s quick, effective and individually tailored to the specific preferences of each individual buyer. But how can you give yourself the best chance of conversion? 

    Here are our top tips for emails that work harder for you, for your vendors and your landlords. 

    1. Make use of automation

    Email marketing is a huge opportunity for any agent and manual processes simply don’t cut it anymore.

    Whether it’s to maintain compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or to improve the speed and accuracy of personalised emails to separate datasets, Alto’s property management software offers a one-stop solution for email success. 

    Make use of advanced filtering, built-in design tools and detailed data insights to streamline your email processes when showcasing properties to prospective buyers and tenants. All with complete peace of mind over GDPR compliance.  

    2. Focus on the subject

    Remember you’re not the only business vying for attention in the applicant’s inbox. GDPR may have cleaned up data lists and cut the unwanted approaches, but even the most spam-savvy of consumers can expect to be sought-after by brand after brand. 

    Take time to write an email subject header that grabs attention, using property management software to offer personalisation where possible. In fact, evidence suggests personalisation can improve open rates by up to 26%. 

    3. Address the reader

    Marketeers often use a well-known copywriting technique where they address the reader directly to drive engagement.

    Have you ever noticed it? You may have received emails from big brands which ask you questions? Chances are it made you sit up and notice the content that little bit more. See what we did there? 

    By asking questions and explicitly addressing your reader (with personalisation if possible, using property management software), you can drive interest and boost your chances of click-throughs. 

    4. Where next? 

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, make sure you include a clear ‘call to action’. This is your opportunity to drive the reader to take their next step after reading the email.

    It may be a link to a new property, a button to enquire or an invite to receive a free valuation, depending on the audience.

    Keep it clear, concise and easy to navigate. Don’t use six words when two or three will do. Some good examples include: 

    • View full property details here
    • Click here to see more properties for sale within your budget
    • Want a free valuation? Click here

    See how Alto’s property management software can support your email marketing campaigns.

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