Using Alto if you’re starting your own estate agency

Starting your own estate agency is a growing trend. The number of estate agencies in the UK overall continues to rise. In February 2021 there were 46,010 businesses in the company classified as estate agents – up from 21,641 in October 2018.

Part of this rise is down to a generation of entrepreneurial property professionals who are starting their own estate agency. The strength of the self-employment model and the emergence of remote working have helped to remove the barrier of property costs.

Of course, there are a long list of considerations to make before starting your own estate agency. Not least your choice of property management software.

Starting your own estate agency with Alto

As part of Zoopla, Alto has many years’ experience working with estate agencies of all sizes.

Whether you focus on sales, lettings or both, our software gives start-ups the opportunity to drive efficiencies. Alto helps estate agents improve accuracy, enhance communications with customers and run seamless operations from day one. All with the added confidence of comprehensive user support when you need it.

An increasing number of estate agents are starting out on their own in response to the pandemic

We spoke to a number of agency founders about why they chose Alto and how our estate agent software solution helps their new business.

Ease of use

After 31 years working for corporate estate agencies, James Dowling founded Latcham Dowling in January 2021 with long-term friend and colleague Gary Latcham.

He turned to Alto on the recommendation of another former colleague and has been impressed with the ease of use.

James said: “We had used competitors to Alto at previous companies but never really found the ideal solution. The last software we used, for example, was Australian and all the terminology was suited to the Australian market rather than UK.

“A former colleague who had started his own estate agency recommended Alto to us. We had the demo and loved how easy it is to use. It’s very intuitive; it does everything we need it to and more.”

Comprehensive support when starting your own estate agency

For Gareth Osgood, who founded Osgood Estates in November 2020, Alto provides a fully compliant solution to store information and manage sales progression. And as a new user, he continues to use the comprehensive support functions.

He said: “It’s intuitive and makes for a comprehensive audit trail for my properties. Whenever I’ve struggled I’ve used the ‘How to’ guide information and if I can’t do what I need to do, the support team have always been prompt and helpful in sorting out problems or providing work arounds.”

PropertyFile website integration

Helen Worrall and Tania Dutnell founded Tanlen Estate Limited, trading as Cardigan Bay Properties, in February 2021.

The two directors each work from home to keep overheads down, selling properties throughout the northern parts of West Wales.

Helen said: “We both used Alto in our last job so as far as getting set up, it made sense to use Alto again and we are very glad we made that decision.

“They have been brilliant. The support we got during set up (and still now) is fantastic and they offered great advice and ideas during set up, which we took on board. The team is always on hand to help and we have never been made to feel that we couldn’t ask them anything.

PropertyFile is brilliant too. It helps to streamline our workload and has integrated into our website to give buyers and sellers better access to us.

“A good website is vitally important when you work from home. PropertyFile is a key part of this, giving customers the
opportunity to communicate with us.”

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