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  • 11 questions we ask every agent: White House Lettings

    Ian Richardson, business owner at White House Lettings shares his agency’s software migration journey from Jupix to Alto.

    What made you consider Alto, and were there any business challenges or problems that encouraged you to make the change? 

    Choosing Alto was a very straightforward decision for us. We’re a small family-run business and when we initially started we were using spreadsheets to run our business. 

    As our business grew, we then moved to Jupix. But eventually, we found it a bit outdated and felt that Alto was the best software to grow with us. 

    How did the reality of the migration experience compare to what you expected?

    Overall we found the process of moving to Alto very smooth. 

    We were one of the pilot customers for the new migration experience. We received a clear, upfront explanation on how the process would work and what data would be migrated. 

    I also appreciated the flexibility that was involved with the migration – Lisa was very helpful and we could pick a migration date that suited us.

    How did your team find the Alto training? 

    Once the migration was done, I used Alto’s eLearning videos to get up to speed with how Alto works. 

    The content was well put together, with clear information that was easy to follow. I also appreciated that I could do them at a time that fitted around my schedule.

    How does Alto compare to Jupix? 

    When it comes to comparing Jupix and Alto, I’d say overall they’re pretty similar but Alto does things in a simpler way.

    I also like that in comparison to Jupix, the processes are a lot easier. For example, in Alto I don’t have to do a reconciliation every time I pay rent and this is a noticeable difference that saves me so much time in comparison to Jupix. 

    What other Alto features do you like?

    I also really like the email tools in Alto. They allow me to keep track of when clients open communications and I get receipts for all my sent emails, which is helpful if there are queries from tenants and landlords. 

    If you had your time again, would you upgrade to Alto knowing what was involved?

    If an agent is looking to move software, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Alto. 

    The online support team is also really good. I always get a detailed reply within 24 hours,  often with screenshots of how the product works. This is extremely helpful.

    What’s the main focus for White House Lettings over the next 12 months?

    In terms of what’s next for White House Lettings, we’ve grown as a result of positive recommendations from our customers and hope to take on more staff in the coming year. 

    It’s reassuring to know that with a product like Alto, we can easily get new team members trained up and onboarded. 

    What else would you tell agents who are looking for new property software?

    Overall, Zoopla and Alto have been really good for our business. They’ve really dialled into the fact that we’re a small family-run business and recognise that our needs are different from the larger corporate estate agencies. 

    Sometimes there can be a perception that larger businesses like Zoopla don’t care about smaller businesses – but from my experience, this is absolutely not the case. 

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