A data migration solution for estate and letting agents

We’ve all been there. You’re disillusioned with the system you’re currently using, but the thought of changing is just too much.

We call them ‘blockers’ – the niggling doubts that prevent you from upscaling or enhancing your property software solution. And we know from our own customers that data migration is the biggest blocker of all. 

What if there’s a solution? What if migrating your data to a new software platform isn’t as arduous or as taxing you might think? What if it actually presents opportunities for your agency? 

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Managing your migration

Choose Alto and you will be assigned a project manager to lead your implementation, from the second you sign up.

This means fully managed, fuss-free data migration, overcoming any possible concerns when transferring customer and property data from your existing platform. 

Your project manager is on hand to manage the entire migration process from start to finish (and solve any teething issues should they occur), leaving you to reap the rewards of a smarter, quicker and more effective property software solution.

Then once you’re live, our dedicated trainers help you and your team get the best out of Alto – another potential ‘blocker’ solved. 

Best-practice data collection for smoother migration

Of course, there are steps you can take to support the data migration process and, in doing so, drive competitive advantage in increasingly competitive local markets. 

GDPR-compliant customer data is a valuable marketing tool in 2020 and it is key to unlocking the benefits of Alto’s automated marketing features.

Using advanced filtering, you can fine tune properties to the right prospects and export property lists to send matches to applicants quickly and easily by email, text and post. But this is only possible if the data is ‘clean’. 

Tips to drive up data accuracy

Let’s consider a few simple steps to improve the accuracy of your data:

  1. Invest in property management software. OK, we’re biased, but it’s the only way to effectively store, filter and export data.
  2. Put data collection at the heart of business processes. Reinforce the importance of good data to your staff; the more quality data they input with each new application, the more you will be able to get out of it in the coming months and years.
  3. Regularly check the accuracy of data on your system. Setting regular reminders within workflows will help ensure that the information you have is still correct and, in doing so, support GDPR compliance too.
  4. Make use of data fields. Whatever system you use, make the most of the data fields available to you. The more information you input, the more effectively you will be able to target marketing campaigns.


We’re big believers in treating your data with the value it deserves at all times, not just when you’re ready to switch systems.  

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