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  • 5 ways estate agents can engage more customers

    In an increasingly digital world, the way estate agents communicate with their customers and prospects is changing. 

    Embracing the latest communication tools can unlock a host of opportunities. Whether that’s engaging more effectively with sellers, showcasing properties to applicants, or putting yourself front of mind with long-term leads. 

    Remote viewings and 360˚ tours are now commonplace, but how else can estate agents use digital technology to differentiate their offering in their local market?

    1. Use video conferencing to grow and nurture leads

    Video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have proved important tools for many estate agencies throughout the pandemic. They enabled virtual meetings and online chats to keep teams collaborating when working remotely. 

    But they also provide opportunities to reach external customers too. 

    Hosting webinar-style meetings or live streams on social media gives you the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and position yourself as an expert in your market. Answering questions about key topics such as the buying process or the local rental market could be a great way to entice new customers.

    Even if they’re not quite in the position to buy, sell or rent just yet. 

    Getting attendees to pre-register for your event or live stream will also give you valuable insights about the registrants. As well as giving you an opportunity to encourage social sharing.

    Adding social media share buttons means that every time someone signs up, they can share your event with their own networks via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. 

    2. Reach multiple customers with WhatsApp broadcast 

    WhatsApp is set up for effortless communication. Many of us use it in our personal lives, but have you ever considered how it can be used for business? 

    WhatsApp’s broadcast list feature enables a business to send a message to multiple contacts at once. This saves valuable time when sending mass messages such as seasonal opening hours or important updates. 

    Mum checking whatsapp on phone while out with baby

    While similar to a WhatsApp group, the major benefit of the broadcast list feature is that people can’t see other people in the group. This makes it a more private and secure way of messaging business contacts. 

    3. Accept questions from your audience via social media 

    Social media offers a number of platforms to market properties, but it’s also a great way to keep in touch with local communities. 

    To help build and nurture connections within your community, use your existing social media channels to accept questions from your followers. Creating a safe space where your audience can ask questions without judgement can help build a sense of trust. It’s also a great way to warm up prospects who might just be browsing. For now.

    Polling tools on Instagram and Facebook are good ways to get followers to submit quick-fire questions, at the same time as boosting engagement. 

    TikTok is also proving an increasingly popular tool to reach younger audiences. It’s video capabilities is an obvious win for showcasing property videos, but you can also use it to ask your audience questions as well as a platform to share local and industry insights. 

    If you invest the time and energy getting to know your customer and what they are struggling with, you’re more likely to connect with them in a meaningful and authentic way.

    4. Leverage your LinkedIn network to reach more prospects

    Another social media tool that’s relatively underused by estate agents is LinkedIn. Particularly if you operate in rental markets and are looking to target career landlords. 

    A quick search shows there are around 61,000 people in the UK with the job title ‘residential landlord’ on LinkedIn.

    Estate agent on social media on phone on train

    Sharing industry insights and knowledge through regular content sharing on your LinkedIn network could be the key to reaching more prospects in your location.

    5. Use Alto’s PropertyFile feature to streamline customer comms 

    Alto’s integration with PropertyFile means you can communicate with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in real-time, online, and whenever it suits them. Not only does this mean happy customers, but happier branches. 

    Discover how you can transform your agency’s customer comms. Click here to book your free demo of Alto’s cloud-based property management software. 

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