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  • How agents can adapt to the end of COVID-19 restrictions

    UK coronavirus restrictions officially ended on Monday 19th July.

    So with compulsory measures no longer required, how will this impact the way estate agents do business?

    Read our five-point guide to negotiating the new guidance. 

    1. Use Alto to communicate your branch’s safety guidelines

    Although Monday signalled the end of COVID-19 restrictions, the prime minister has emphasised caution and personal responsibility. This is largely due to ongoing concerns about rising infections.

    And as estate agencies adapt to this ‘new normal’, regular communication with your team and customer base regarding your branch’s safety measures is essential.

    This includes making sure you have clear signage, as well as sending regular updates to vendors, buyers, applicants, landlords and tenants. 

    Alto makes this easier, with automated email and text messaging as well as its PropertyFile integration for real-time communication throughout the sale and letting journey.  

    With a few simple clicks, you can keep all your customers up-to-date on any safety policies you have in branch and for viewings. And don’t forget to use social media too. 

    2. Loop in remote workers with Alto’s cloud-based property management software

    One of the biggest threats to any business in the current climate will be staffing issues if employees test positive or are ‘pinged’ by the NHS COVID-19 app. Both of which require self-isolation. 

    But as we learnt during lengthy lockdown periods, self-isolation doesn’t mean a business must come to a standstill. Even if an entire branch is forced to close.

    Alto’s cloud-based property software can help minimise disruption through lightning-fast admin with real-time integration between users.

    Estate agent logging into Alto property management software from home

    This means your team’s work streams and diaries will remain up-to-date, no matter where each staff member is logging in from.  

    3. Conduct property viewings in line with government guidance

    While lockdown measures have been lifted, it’s important to note that no property viewings can take place if anyone in the property is self-isolating or showing symptoms of the COVID-19. 

    Online video tours will continue to be a useful tool and many believe this will continue to be the case going forward, irrespective of the end of COVID-19 restrictions.  

    Remember to communicate with both vendors and applicants before a viewing to remind them of what’s expected. Another thing that is quick and easy thanks to Alto’s built-in SMS and email tools.

    4. Wear face coverings where appropriate

    Masks are no longer mandatory, but government advice states that agents should wear face coverings while in close face-to-face contact with visitors. And where other protective measures are unlikely to be in place, such as in clients’ homes during a house viewing.

    Estate agent wearing face mask on the way to house viewing after end of COVID-19 restrictions

    Face masks may also help more vulnerable members of society feel safe when in meetings or during appointments in properties. 

    5. Keep up regular handwashing and hygiene in branch 

    Good hygiene, including regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser, has been one of the most visible COVID-19 safety measures. And there’s no reason estate agents need to stop doing this. 

    Many businesses are continuing to maintain hand-sanitiser stations and will be encouraging staff and customers to sanitise their hands regularly. 

    Enhanced cleaning, especially in high-touch areas such as door handles and keyboards, can also help keep everyone feel safe and minimise the risk of staff having to self-isolate. 

    Want to know more about Alto and how it could streamline your agency? Explore all the features of our cloud-based property management software for estate agents. 

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